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Upgrade to Internet Explorer 9!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Chances are you stopped using Internet Explorer years ago in favor of more standards-compliant browsers. If you never use any version of IE: Congratulations!  You are every web developers dream user, please disregard this post.

However, if you are still a die-hard IE user, running version 8, 7, or (gasp) IE6; please do not hesitate to upgrade your browsing experience.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please install the new upgrade bringing your computer(s) to Windows Internet Explorer 9.  Click Here to visit the Upgrade Page

This new version of IE supports many aspects of  HTML5 and CSS3.  Finally IE users can experience a bit of the  HTML5 goodness they have been missing.

Of course, the reality is that IE9 may be less perfect than Microsoft would have you believe.  Paul Rouget wrote an interesting article that asks “Is IE9 a modern browser?

Q: Why do I really want you to upgrade?

A: Web developers have been dealing with IE quirks for years now, every new version Microsoft releases seems to be more standards-compliant with less bugs to fix.  As a developer, our goal is to provide a website that looks and functions well on every common device and browser software.   If a web-browser such as Internet Explorer plays by the same set of standard rules as all the other browsers, we don’t have to waste time programming work-arounds and bug fixes.




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