All service based pricing is based in US dollars and calculated by our hourly rate of:

$160.00 per hour

-and we stick with our original estimates too:

If the scope of work has not changed from the original estimate, we will honor our estimated price even if it has gone over budget. If a customer request made after the initial estimate will effect the final price, we will notify you via email that the final price has changed. This way there are no suprises when the final bill is due.

Additional expenses such as stock images are not included in our hourly rate.

How much do typical projects cost?

Approximate billable hours per project:
Project Type: Small Projects Medium Projects Large Projects
Logo Design 10 - 25 hours 25 - 50 hours 50+ hours
Website Design 15 - 30 hours 30 - 50 hours 50+ hours
Web Development 10 - 25 hours 25 - 50 hours 50 - 100+ hours

Why don't we list fixed pricing packages?

Every project has unique conditions and circumstances, the estimates in the table above reflect typical projects based on previous work. Specific client needs are taken into consideration for every estimate so that the quality of our work is not compromised in any way.